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Personal Trainer Dublin – 6lb Weights Are Too Heavy

I came across this video on Oprah’s website on youtube and I couldnt help but cringe. .

Some of the stuff is the most nonsensical cr*p i have ever heard!



Tracy Anderson talking nonsense —- >

The main one being ‘if you lift weights over 6pounds you will gain bulk. . this is wrong on so many levels.

Realistically, do you think it is that easy to put on muscle mass?

Its almost insulting…

Look at all the young guys packing up gyms 5 times/week trying their best to gain muscle mass and ‘celebrity’ personal trainer Tracy Anderson says that anything over 6lbs will bulk you up? Give me a set of those magical dumbells PLEASE.

In reality, lifting weights DOES NOT magically make you muscular. . its the nutrition and the training type  i.e. the amount of calories you take in, your genetics and your hormone profile (men possess up to 10 times the amount of testosterone women do and as a result they can put on muscle mass easier)

Lifting weights (this includes your bodyweight) is actually the BEST fat loss tool around! Cardio is sooo 90’s 🙂

And any personal trainer who knows what they are doing will know that.

If your trainer has to messing around on a treadmill ‘warming up’ and/or doing supervised cardio they are ripping you off.

Bryan Kavanagh

For further information click on the link below


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