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Healthy Shopping List, How To Shop In Dublin During The Recession And Stay Healthy – Part 2

Now here’s how a shopping list SHOULD look (its not perfect but its and improvement!) And guess where i done my shopping? Superquinn, Dunnes, Tesco’s? Nope. . ALDI. . Thats right. . the quality of the meat and vegetables in there is unrivaled! im telling you. . if you want to eat healthily, and save money. . go to Aldi for your shopping! you cant beat it! I’ve been going there for over a year now and I have saved 100’s if not 1000’s of Euro since then!

Here’ goes!

Turkey Breasts x 2

Turkey Mince (lean)

Vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower mix)

Roast chicken tikka pieces (diced fillet) (x3)

Cottage cheese (x 4)

Bacon bits (lean cuts for my omelettes)

Frikadellen meat balls

Peppers 3 pack (x 2)

Natural Yogurt

Cashews/ Salted nuts x 2

Salmon Fillets x 5

Total €37.42 ($45)

So whats so special about this? Well there’s. . .

1) Plenty of lean meats

2) Plenty of fresh vegetables

3) Natural yogurt not nuisance yoplait or ambrosia that is full of sugar!

(if you must use artificial sweetener to sweeten it up)

4) Sides like cottage cheese and low fat soft cheese (naturally high protein, low fat, low carb)

5) Nuts (buy small bags so you don’t eat them all !)

Now it is by no means perfect to look at and I did go to another store to get my

1) Blueberries

2) Inulin (fibre) rich sweetener

3) Spinach

4) Tuna

5) Omega 3 eggs

This should give you a few ideas for your next shopping trip!

Thanks for reading!

Bryan Kavanagh BSc. CSCS

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