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Cheat Meals- Can I Eat ‘Normal Foods’ Like Carbs And Fat And Still Lose Weight?

I decided I was going to make a mess of myself last easter and eat a load of easter eggs (I mean a load) Easter Sunday and openly told everyone about it. .

They all thought id lost it!

Ya’d swear i’d never cheated before in my life!

I told them sure just last a couple days ago I had a LARGE popcorn and 300g MAN bag of maltesers in the cinema. It was the beginning of my two week experiment to see how much bodyfat i can lose. Everyone said to me ‘isn’t that stupid? putting on weight so you can lose it?’ I answered with a simple ‘NO, it will make me LOSE fat in the long run’. You see people have losing weight all backwards, they think you have to deprive yourself of the foods you like and it is ESSENTIAL you are miserable throughout the entire fat-loss process.

None of them would believe me. . Im not blowing my own trumpet but I maintain a fairly low bodyfat % all year round (<6%) . .why would they! Little do they know when I am out for a meal I will make correct food choices 90-95% of the time but there are times when I ‘strategically cheat’. . Just because people see me eating healthy most of the time doesnt mean I live on lettuce and brocolli all the time. . I just happen to like chocolate and popcorn so thats how i deal with my cravings AND repair my metabolism!

YES repair my metabolism! It’s funny because most people think cheating is merely a psychological thing. Something used really infrequently to squash cravings and keep you on track with your ‘diet’ . . thats true to an extent but the main reason i cheat is to ‘fix’ my metabolism. .

I compete in both Tae-Kwon-Do and Boxing and I need to keep my bodyweight around 73kg (I compete at 71kg) this is fairly tough considering I lift heavy 3-4 times per week. Calorie restiction is sometimes a must for me. . same as anybody on a diet. Difference is it’s easy for me! I plan my cheat meals, and eat healthy nutritious foods the rest of the time. . I enjoy my large popcorn and maltesers and dont feel a bit of guilt because by timing my cheating strategically it actually HELPS me lose weight! Optimising my fat burning hormones and accelerating fat loss. You have to be careful though there is is a process involved and way too much involved to fit in this post (or 20 for that matter).

My clients think I am crazy TELLING them to eat their favourite cheat foods at certain times! Thing is they are all losing bodyfat using the >>>Bodyfat Blitz Programme<<< and >>>CHEAT YOUR WAY THIN<<< nutritional practices and its only been a week!

To read more on the subject you have gotta check out Joel Marion’s Cheat Your Way Thin Videos –> HERE. I have been an advocate of cheat meals and preached their benefits for years and Joel beat me to the punch and wrote an entire book about it! He also has a number of fre.e videos on the site that further explain the processes mentioned above.

You can check out the programme here —–> Cheat Your Way Thin

Check out the Bodyfat Blitz Program here —>

If you have any problems/queries please comment below

Bryan Kavanagh BSc CSCS

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Training FAQ 1 – Frequently Asked Training and Nutrition Questions

I am going to start a series of posts on here with FAQ’s from trainees that i have encountered. Each one will address a different aspect of training and nutrition and in time i will have covered a LOT of material relating to ‘real world’ health and fitness.

The first post is a queston from a ‘skinny guy’ trying to put on muscle/weight. This can be one of the most frustrating things for guys to have to face because they ‘think’ they are doing everything right, training hard, taking weight gaining supplements and on the surface it seems they should be gaining the weight whey are seeking . . but they dont!

‘Hi Bryan

on recommendation from a friend i am emailing you regarding my training goals. I am 18 and weigh 57kgs and am about 5 10″. I have a fat percentage below 5%. I am very lean in the sense that i have a six pack looking for an eight pack and defined arms. I am looking to pack on size. I was wonderering whether there is any advice or improvements i could get regarding my training programme or any advice in general. I also just started taking PROGAIN

My current training programme:

Day 1
Flat Bench Press (5 sets)
Incline Dumbbell Press (5 sets)
Close Grip Bench Press
Dumbbell Biceps Curl
E-Z Bar Curl
Military Press
Upright Row
Lateral Raise

Day 2
Squats (5 sets)
Leg Press (5 sets)
Leg Extensions
Leg Curl
Forearms curls
Reverse forearms curls

Day 3
Pull Ups
Close Grip Seated Pulley Row
Triceps Pushdown
Forearms curls
Reverse forearms curls

Day 4
Sprinting routine
PLUS CORE + deadlifts

I have 3 meals a day at college. I have 2 progain shakes a day comprising of 2 scoops a day, plus im taking another protein shake once or twice a day called most of the time im going for 8 reps and my rest period is maybe a minute after fortisip which has about 20g of protein. My rep range is from about 6-12 but each set, this reason for this is that i dont want to lose my pump!


Looking at the programme it looks like a ‘reasonable’ programme but it doesnt seem to address your goals much! It looks more like a bodybuilding programme a 90kg gym rat would have or something 🙂 To be honest at 57kg and already <5% bodyfat you should be doing a LOT less volume. .

‘lose my pump’

Get up out of that haha . . awww i remember those days!

Truth is ‘seeking’ the pump can actually stall muscle growth! let me explain!

If you are training constantly seeking a pump and not focusing on lifting heavy and FAST you are in essence training for the mirror at that time! Having rest periods that short is fair enough if you are looking to lose fat OR you have a normal metabolism. . but by the sounds of things you are light enough and have a fast metabolism. . you should be lengthening your rest periods and lifting heavier.

Try this. .

Day 1:

A1: Incline Bench Press
A2: Wide grip Lat pulldown

B1: Close grip Bench
B2: Seated Pulley row

C1: Pushdown
C2: Bicep Curl

D1: Squat

Day 2:

A1: Military Press
A2: Supinated chins

B1: Dips
B2: Wide Grip Upright Row (hang high pull)

C1: Hammer Curl
C2: Rope Pushdown

D1: Straight Leg Deadlift

Day 3:

A1: Flat DB press
A2: Dumbell Row

B1: Single Hand Shoulder press (dumbell) Left+right
B2: Face Pull

C1: Shrugs

D1: Calf Raises

Now you might think this odd but if you think about it. .  it makes perfect sense! Doing each bodypart ONCE per week works for genetically gifted people like bodybuilders and naturally heavy set people. . people who have average genetics (you and I) have to think outside the box!

Once a week training = one chance per week to grow! 12 weeks on. . you only had 12 chances to grow! . . and absolutely NAILING the bodypart is counterproductive too as you body will not fully recover from it. .

If you train each bodypart (in a different manner) 3 times per week you are hitting it from all angles seperately and maximally. . more growth. .no overtraining. . . 36 chances to grow/adapt in 12 weeks . .presto. . 3x the progress

Next up. . you cant possibly train your incline dumbell presses maximally (for example) after doing your Flat Bench Presses and similarly after doing Lat Pulldowns and then trying to train your Pulley Rows. . all pulling exercises utilise the same/similar motor pattern and as a result the second in line will only be trained at a fraction of the intensity the 1st exercise was. .

WOW you are taking a LOT of Supplements . . what do your school meals consist of? Might i suggest easing up in the PROGAIN and the other fortisip one if possible and getting in some REAL FOOD!? I’m not saying stop as you do need the kcals but try to get more food in from whole protein sources, eggs, fish, beef chicken, nuts etc. . and maybe take 2 scoops progain on off days and on training days take the 4 if you like. . it is still a bit extreme for me now to be honest!

Give this a try and let me know how you get on. .


Bryan Kavanagh

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Can Fasting Help You Lose Weight? – My 24 Hour Fast

Alot of the VERY reputable trainers and nutritionists i am in regular contact with started trying Planned Fasting. . i was like huh? Yes, even i was skeptical. . Fasting?! How can not eating anything be good for you? Well it turns out it is! I knew about Brads Product but i hadnt invested in it and wasnt fully versed in the inner workings of it. . But i bit the bullet and bought Brads Programme . . It opened my eyes to a lot of interesting facts!. . I know you have probably heard of ‘fasted cardio’ and not eating anything before your morning workout. . i admit i used to feel like bashing people for doing that. . i still kind of do because the REASON behind it doesnt make sense. . and i never once said it would effect performance. . did i?

Getting off track. . So after a long hard think about it (30 seconds or so) i decided to give it a try! Last thursday i decided to do a ‘small’ fast. After my late dinner (about 11pm) i stopped eating. .  Water and green tea. . thats it. So i said i would do an 18 hour fast, leaving plenty of time to get fuelled up for training and give myself a ‘taste’ of this fasting business. I thought i would be starving and letharigic, i feared i would just eat everything in sight after the 18 hours, and i would not be able to get back into a routine. .

Nope! None of that, i felt GREAT and I had unlimited energy all day! No fatigue, very little stomach rumbling. i was actually disappointed in myself that i didnt complete the full 24 hours after i ate. . i wasnt even hungry! HA

So I done the full 24 hours on the Sunday-Monday then. Great! From now on i will have AT LEAST one strategic fast in the week. . it completely eliminates cravings and teaches you alot about how your mind works. . how some food makes you want more. . The Fast resets the craving switch and puts you in control.

To check out Brad’s Eat STOP Eat programme and see how you react to fasting Click Here



Bryan Kavanagh Bsc CSCS

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