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Are Supplements Necessary To Gain Muscle Or Lose Fat

A lot of people are slating supplements lately. I have read in the newspapers that they don’t work and that they are just gimmicks. Even other fitness professionals are ganging up and saying they never take supplements and attaching a negative stigma to protein supplements.

Granted, there are supplement companies that prey on unknowing young men and women who are desperate to gain muscle and/or lose bodyfat. Marketing the supplements as ‘cures’ or ‘magic pills’ that will cure whatever physical insecurities they may have, i.e. if they have a skinny build, excess bellyfat or just want to tone up their arms.

In my opinion these trainers are falling in line with the newspapers and public opinion. The vast majority of the population hold this belief that protein is some sort of magic fairy dust that makes people huge! It couldn’t be further from the truth! Supplements are glorified food, that’s it! Everything that is in supplements can be derived from a healthy and nutritious diet! This is 100% true and I am not arguing this point.

Protein supplements are just a handy alternative to eating after a workout, the research may not be conclusive but a fast digesting source of protein post workout has been shown to increase recovery time. It is EASIER to have a protein shake after a workout. If you want to bring a steak to the gym and eat it in the changing rooms, be my guest! But I think I will have a protein shake thank you.

I do have however have some hang ups. Some supplement companies will attempt to market female specific supplements by putting a little green tea and soy protein in there, using a pink tub and charging an extra $10. This is just wrong and shouldn’t be done. Protein is protein and that’s that.

The word ‘supplement’ by definition means: ‘in addition to’. Protein supplements, supplementing with fish oils, creatine and the rest are merely an addition to and already clean and healthy diet. If the diet is bad in general there is nothing supplements can do for you! Supplements are there to compliment a good diet not to compensate for a bad one.

In the ‘Athletic Body System’ there is a whole manual dedicated to supplements and their correct use!

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Bryan Kavanagh BSc

Certified Strength And Conditioning Specialist

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