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Lose Fat, Gain Muscle. . ‘Can I Gain Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time?’

During my time in Northwood Health and Fitness in Santry i have worked with a LOT of people.

I tend to attract questions, left, right and center people question me on one topic or another.

. . .

I wouldn’t mind if I looked particularly intelligent . . i look like a bit of a meat head. . im loud and ‘playfully’ aggressive 🙂

But still they come, questions, questions and more questions. Its great (except for when I’m training then it gets kind of annoying!)

. . .

Some for weight loss

Some have trouble area’s they want to address

Injuries and rehabilitation

Nutrition advice

. . .

The above questions are easy enough to address. . simple lifestyle adaptations. . sorted!

The worst group of people are the men in their late teens to mid 20’s looking to put on muscle. . they ask the same thing every time!

. . .

‘I want to put on muscle, but first I’m going to eat less and lose the fat first,THEN get a good weight gainer protein shake and bulk up’

. . .

Oh dear, this is when the alarm bells go off!

The concept of losing fat first by eating less and performing aerobic activity to lose fat

and then

Eating excess calories and taking weight gainers to put on weight . . ? Oh dear!


Is this you?

Do you think you have to lose fat and gain muscle at different times?

. . .

Then you have the opposite. . The crowd that are constantly in a state of confused bulking and cutting, their weight fluctuates all over the place and they cant really assess their progress because they are basically fat and cant ‘see’ any visual differences.

Do you have to ‘Bulk’ up by training hard and eating lots of calories and protein and then ‘Cut’ back on calories and strip the fat at separate times?

. .

Is that really necessary?

Personally i think it works GREAT! For a small percentage of people.

But think about this for a moment. . how many fat bodybuilders do you know? I don’t mean out of season competitive bodybuilders, i mean the ones that are constantly ‘bulking’ and ‘massing’ and they try to cut for a month and because the scales starts to go down below 200lbs/90kg they get freaked out and go back on a ‘Bulk’ and get even fatter.

I’m just venting here but i think you get my point. . i have no doubt it works for some people but it seems a little contradictory to me for most people with average genetics and body types.

Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts


Bryan Kavanagh BSc CSCS

Dont forget to comment 🙂


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Kind of unbelievable but it happened!

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  1. i couldnt agree more bryan!!!!!
    ok so my mate big d
    when i first met him he was 15 stone and just starting out on training, within a few months he used ways of bulking and he got himself a nice top half pecs arms ect, but he got obsessed he would have this massive bowl of kcals for dinner am talking like 2 microwave meals 3 tins of baked beans protein shakes all the time and he went upto 18 st then 19 the 20 then last time i saw him he was 21 stone, looks massive but also looks fat in the face and ape like, he has gone from a good looking lad with a nice body to a ape like fat faced lad, and am sure 21 st isnt healthy even if its muscle
    now i know this isnt exactly what you was saying, but thought i would share it, hope thats ok
    thanks bryan
    lee 🙂

    Comment by lee | May 10, 2009 | Reply

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