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Irish Doing Thai Boxing . . Random Physical Punishment Continued. . .

So the last post was about building muscle and burning fat. . i got a few emails in response . . it was okay. . i got more personal emails asking for videos of the torturous ‘Magic Hundred Workout’ than i ever got from this Blog. .

I have a feeling you just want to see me inflict pain on myself you sickos haha

So last week i was crawling up a beach completing a challenge the sadist Dax Moy had set for us all in our Thailand Camp. . .

This week I decided to take it easy . . We just had a hard weeks work here in Thailand so I thought some R&R might do me good. . I got wind of a vacancy in a thai boxing camp about an hours drive from the airport. .

Long Story short I’m here now and im in pain 🙂

Dumb Hole On The Left

Dumb Hole On The Right

. .

Had my first thai boxing session this morning, It was good crack. . .there is a lump on my shin the size of an egg though. .maybe kicking a thai guys elbow when doing padwork isnt the way forward. . hmm

. . .

Session went as follows

0725-0750 –

5-7km run (i hate running. .but how do you explain that in cardio is a waste of time in thai?)

. . .

0750-0805 –

Skipping  (constantly . . none of this girly 6x 3 min rounds shite. . oh did i mention the ‘rope was weighted cable. . not your usual reebok speed rope. . forearms were killing haha)

. . .

0805 – 0815 –

Wrap hands and warm up/stretch (last time i kicked was xmas so i needed this ha)

0815 – 0840 –

Kick bag. . (7 x 3minute rounds with push ups for the whole rest period. . oh the guy stood beside me shouting at me the whole time which made it particularly enjoyable)

. . .

0840 – 0915 –

Pad work. . high tempo kicking and punching drills (emphasis on power) then push ups between rounds. . im convinced he was picking on me. .nobody else had over a half hour on the pads. . i felt like a was swinging a rope at the pads by the end of it. . . grrr

so . . . many. . . push ups. . . ha(i enjoyed it really)

. . .

0915-0930 –

3x 3min rounds just constantly doing front push kicks alternating feet with no rest. . you have to kick the back on the way back (against the swing) each time and NO stopping or you get abused in thai. .

. . .

0930-0940 –

200 crunches,minute break + 150 crunches,minute break + 100 crunches. .

Again if I see people doing crunches in the gym im like

‘duhhh dont you know they’re bad for your spine’. .

. .

But I reiterate. . how do you tell a thai trainer that ‘your abs aren’t made to flex your spine they are made to prevent hyperextension’

Whats thai for hyperextension again i forget 🙂

. . .


Pictures and retire to you room to recover. .

There are a few guys from Melbourne here too. .

Guy 3rd from the right in the back row is a crazy Estonian machine. .

Will update tomorrow after sparring.

Bryan Kavanagh

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  1. i feel ill just reading this, this is why i know bryan will get me where i want to be because he pushes himself and challenges himself everyday way to go bryan 🙂

    Comment by lee | May 12, 2009 | Reply

  2. haha

    that i will padiwan 🙂


    Comment by bryankav | May 13, 2009 | Reply

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