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Easy Ways To Lose Weight And Burn Fat For The Summer

I came accross this quote only today . . I don’t know how i missed it. . it’s quality. .

‘If they can make penicillin out of mouldy bread, they can sure make something out of you.’ – Mohammad Ali

That means YOU

That means YOU

I thought I’d put that there 1st just to spur you on. .

Did it work? Good. .

You see lately i have been hearing a lot of negativity and dismay among trainees, not just in Northwood, but on twitter, facebook, and just listening to general conversation in Dublin. . oh and lets not forget The Biggest Loser. . . what a load of C**p 🙂

Weight loss, fitness and getting a beach body seems to be on everyones agenda’s but surprise surprise nobody is doing anything about it. Each and every person that i encounter thinks it is too late now;

‘It’s summer already, i cant lose the fat now’

Its too late, its May already, maybe next year’

I’m sorry to tell you but thats a loada crap. . I’ll refer to Ali’s Quote above. . its never too late and your NOT different. You too can lose that stubborn bellyfat. . . on that note. .

A member ofMy Athletic Body Space recently told me;

‘But its hard for me to lose fat, and I lose muscle easily’

I was actually a little understanding and compassionate until i looked at his food diary on the WEB SITE . . bread sticks, ‘just a little’ cereal and ‘seeded bread’ frequented the menu. . lets just say the ensuing message was not friendly 🙂

Let’s be honest; It’s only May, you can make a lot of progress in a couple of weeks, even if your holiday is in June or July, there’s still time. . you know what your doing? Making big, fat, hairy, lazy excuses. . That’s right . . I’m not going to sugar coat it. .

On that note i would like to make a blatant sales pitch. .

Theres still time for you to burn that last bit of fat for summer. . its only May. I know our friends across the water celebrated ‘Memorial Day’ yesterday so we’ve decided to make a silly -belated- offer. .

We have (well Ian did) repackaged abs and i think it will suit some people down to the ground.We literally took the ‘Fat Loss Pathway’ Out of Athletic Body System and Made ABS for Fat Loss

This is especially for people who just want a quick fix and a no BS route to fatloss.

You dont want to read through 100’s of pages of information, you just want the workouts. . good old fashioned effective workouts. . well I have just the thing.

CLICK HERE to take advantage of this offer and to get rid of that last bit of fat for the summer!

but dont worry. .

We are taking the risk

We are taking the risk

If you dont like it we are taking all the risk. . 100% money back guarantee. . so if you feel like the package isnt worth the ridiculously low price we are asking then you can just send us over an email and we will happily refund it. . we dont want any unhappy campers 🙂

So if you are already lean and dont have a little fat that you could do with losing then dont CLICK HERE

Sorry about the blatant sales pitch but i think this is perfect for a lot of people who just want to lose fat for summer and i know that there are some takers here in the Dublin gyms!

So stop making excuses and take ACTION today!

—> To Your Fat Loss Success 🙂


Did I mention that you get 14 days of email support? I will email you everyday for 14 days teaching you how to rearrange your lifestyle, nutrition and mindset. . i will personally help you implement the program!

You cant fail!

Not bad eh?

Just CLICK HERE to get guaranteed fat loss results

Bryan Kavanagh Bsc CSCS

Dublins No.1 Physique transformation Coach!

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