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Healthy Eating On The Road- Making Healthy Food Choices While Travelling

Eating healthy on holidays is probably the last thing on peoples mind and in some way I agree.

If you are like me and you travel quite a bit then everytime you are in an airport isn’t necessarily a holiday but yet you are faced with the same dilemma.

Your hungry and there’s a Mc Donalds or a burger king staring at you everywhere you go. Or the sweet counter in the starbucks 🙂

Truth is, you can make decent food choices anywhere you go. I mean ANYWHERE. I know it may not be exactly ideal but eating healthy or atleast maintaing your waistline while travelling does not have to be this big chore.

Take me for example. Today I was delayed 2-3 hours in the airport. I always come prepared with a protein bar. It keeps me sane 🙂 but I was saving that for later so I went hunting…

I came across smoothy bars. Sugar party! No thanks.

Burger king weren’t taking any chances. If you look carefully you can see a second sign on the far side of the elevator. I actually didn’t notice that until afterwards. It cracked me up that I took a picture of two burger king signs at once!

Starbucks. Ohhh those treats look so good. Don’t they? If you are a coffee fan like me your just gonna have to be strong and order the:

‘grande black americano and no I don’t want cake or those tasty looking mini bars at the til or a little chocolate coin! Grrr’

Any airport I’ve been in lately seems to be getting better at providing fresh fruit and salad options in the WH Smith or the magazine stands sometimes sell a little bit. Go for it if your stuck.

Personally I went to the bagel bar today and I usually hit a subway if it’s available. You can get a pretty decent salad in either place. Usually the only restaurant you can get is a burger bar or the aformentioned burger king etc. So in this case subway is your friend! Just ask for the salad bowl. You’d be surprised how tasty it is.

I know there are sceptics saying.

‘duhhh that’s processed Bryan’

Yes it is but it is the lesser of two evils and im all for reducing the chances of making a nuisance of myself over getting an organic unprocessed NOTHING 🙂

I’m on the plane now and to be honest the choice is close to ridiculous.

Scone – NO

Hot Cheese panini – NO

Brown bread sandwiches – NO

Full Irish breakfast – NO

Well maybe I am being a bit ‘Uber’ here are some recommendations that are less than ideal and a little crazy but probably ‘lesser of two evils’ for those of you who give a toss.

The panini and the scone will always be a no. Sorry.

But the sandwich and the breakfast can be ‘edited’ so that you won’t lose sight of your abs before the plane lands 🙂

Crazy recommendation no. 1

I know im gonna get some flak over this one but if I was in a corner I would buy the sandwich and just eat the filling. Ridiculous eh? Perhaps but I can see my abs. Can you?

Maybe that’s okay for me because bread doesn’t agree with me and I actually never really ate it. Some people I know can eat a loaf of bread in a day WTF??

Crazy recommendation no. 2

Personally this would be my choice mainly so i dont look like a fruit loop picking chicken out of my sandwich. Get the full Irish and don’t drink the orange juice or eat the potato things that come with it. I know, I know;

‘all that saturated fat bla bla bla’

Remember this is not a lesson on nutrition for optimal health. This is about getting to your destination without having to get new clothes when you get there.

Just a quick one today but I just thought it would be helpful.


I wrote this on my iphone while waiting for my flight to Heathrow, not bad eh? 🙂

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Women Build Muscle…Is It That Easy? Men, Read This Too…

Women: If i lift heavy weights will i bulk up?

If I hear another uneducated nonsensical trainer telling a middle aged woman that if she lifts heavy she will bulk up I am going to explode! I know it is a common misconception but then you have Tracy Anderson preaching that you can’t lift weights above 3 lbs or they will gain weight compounding the problem.

Light weights, high reps...grrrr

Light weights, high reps...grrrr

Truth it weight lifting for women is perfectly safe and dont worry you will not build massive muscle lifting weights. Just to prove it to you…Let me ask you something…

Do you pick up your handbag repetitively through the day?

Pick up your child/a child on occasion?

Change the bins?

Hold a dog leash?

Yea? Each of those tasks are at least the equivalent of lifting 20-30lbs not 3…

Women lack adequate amounts of the muscle building hormone testosterone among others and will not add ‘mass’ no matter what they do… a small percentage of women posess ‘better’ muscle building genetics and will add small amounts a little easier than the next, this is also true of males…

You MUST lift heavier than 3 lbs in order to get any training effect at all from your training … you are simply better off doing nothing than lifting 3lb dumbbells.

I’ve got some left for those of you who are breezing over this and saying:

‘I only want to ‘tone up’ my muscle’

Turn fat into muscle? not unless you are the massiah(that spelled right?) and you were responsible for turning water into wine!

‘There is no such thing as ‘toning’ and you cant just ‘tone up’ it is simply losing fat and gaining muscle.

Thats the big secret! Losing fat and gaining muscle.

Not this!

Please dont do this

Please dont do this

dont do this either

dont do this either

It is good diet and hard training! Thats it!

To learn more about what REALLY works and how you should train, subscribe to this blog and download your free report on training, nutrition and lifestyle management by just clicking on the Newsletter image there on the right and side and i guarantee we can flip things around for you in no time!

Thanks for reading!

Bryan Kavananagh BSc CSCS

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The Fat Gene – Are your genetics making you fat?

Is belly fat hereditary?Are ‘bingo wings’, ‘cankles’ and ‘moobs’ a gift from your parents or can you do something about it?

It really amazes me sometimes when people come to me and ask for help with their training and/or nutrition. They are convinced they are different and that somehow they are ‘prone’ to putting on weight and blame their physical appearance on a family member and immediately surrender to their fat fate.

Is this mammy and daddys fault? Or could It be the burger?

Is this mammy and daddys fault? Or could It be the burger?

I read an article in a supplementary magazine that came with the news of the world today and I have to say I found it kind of amusing at first but afterwards I realised the author had hit the nail on the head. She actually passes the blame on to the weight loss subject! Not the trainer, not society, your parents or Mc Donalds or anything, its YOU!

Your mother isnt making you sit on the couch eating Doritos and cheese.

Your father didnt revoke your gym membership.

Its YOUR fault.

Even the ones who actively seek help still ask the usual questions;

‘How do I get rid if this Belly Fat’

‘What’s the best way to tone your arms and lose weight fast?’

Thing is that the majority of people know exactly what they are doing wrong and yet they still think 1. They can’t do anything about it or 2. They need help to overcome it.

I have been asked a variation of this question at least 100 times this week.

One guy even said;

‘when I eat a lot of bread I feel bloated and I have to go asleep after.’

Well the big secret is to NOT eat them. Simple as that!

I told a good friend of mine who was seeking advice to simply write down what he ate yesterday and he was able to see clearly where he was going wrong and fix it himself… I literally did nothing!

Thing is, you know what you are doing wrong.

You know what it is you need to do to fix it.

It may be to ask for a little help but ultimately most of the ‘advice’ you are going to get will be something you’ve heard before or at least a variation of it.

The worst thing you can do is say ‘I already knew that’. You need to say to yourself

‘Am I already DOING that’

Well? Are you?

On that note… I want to ask you something…

Is there anyone that would be interested in receiving FULL support from myself over an 8 week period.

It will not just be personal training…


It will be a FULL nutritional, training and lifestyle management overhaul.

I’m not even sure if I will do it yet… if I get some serious applicants I will consider it. im just checking to see if there is an interest.

Drop me an email if you are interested, remember there will only be ONE so make that email kinda convincing : )


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