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The last couple of days here in Las Vegas at the National Strength and Conditioning Associations annual conference has basically been a big fat slice of humble pie for me.

Not to sound like an ass or anything but traditionally I would not have even considered yoga as a training modality for myself. I know that it is great for flexibility and proprioception (basically your bodies awareness of where your limbs are) but I never thought I ‘needed’ it. After one yoga session I discovered:

I need to change the way my feet and hands make contact with the ground.

I need to ‘crawl’ and ‘roll’ more and return to using more of my primitive motor patterns.

Core strength and posture isn’t an issue with me but I have a small imbalance in mobility between my right and left leg.

Here’s a clip of me doing a it of yoga this morning. It was my second session so I was getting good at it. Yes I’m wearing a cap indoors. That’s acceptable over here and it was 7am I didn’t have tome to do my comb over : )

I’ve always had fairly decent grip strength so I never paid much attention to it as a factor that may me limiting my lifting and sporting performance. I know a few of the lads I train with could use some of the tips I picked up on grip strength immediately as it is probably their biggest weakness at this time. Don’t get me wrong I emphasize grip strength development to them and I already employ some of the techniques I witnessed in one form or another but some of the stuff I found out was just plain cool.

After the Yoga I thought I was finished getting the smack-down and I was ready to get my name tag back around my neck and strut my stuff as the ‘strength and conditioning expert’ and then Stephen from a man that is closing in on 50 easily overpowered me. Hmmmm

Okay to be honest I like when things like this happen and I learn a little about myself as I can then immediately use these techniques, either with my virtual personal training and with my personal training in Northwood Health and Fitness, or at least my own derivatives of them immediately (where applicable) with my clients. Lads, You know who you are.

Theres the problem. I dont know of one more fitness trainer in Dublin that constantly strives to further his/her knowledge for the good of their clients.

Bryan Kavanagh BSc CSCS


I will be at the Las Vegas speedway tomorrow and I will be sure to get some ridiculous ‘Off Topic’ Videos and pictures to share.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Good to see you, and hundreds of others, expand their mind and their physical knowledge. I always thought about giving Yoga a go, but always stop myself doing it for one reason or other (ie excuses 🙂 )

    After seeing you do it, I have a renewed confidence in me doing, enjoying it and taking a lot from it.

    Grip strength has always been something I didn’t pay special importance to it, again will follow your example and give it a more relevant place in my training.

    Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and learnings in here mate. You definitely an inspiration for me, both professionally and personally.

    Enjoy Vegas Baby!!!!



    Comment by Paulo Duarte | July 11, 2009 | Reply

  2. Sounds to me like you’ve gotten a great bunch of insight from Gray Cook this weekend! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your experiences in writing and on vid! Great to see you! Don’t forget to stop at Lawry’s to pick up some GREAT prime rib — we all know you love your protein! 🙂

    Comment by Christopher Warden | July 11, 2009 | Reply

  3. yea lads it was good crack..

    chris i didnt get a chance to head to lawrys : (

    next time!

    you have a ‘wee Babóg’ yet? 🙂


    Comment by bryankav | July 16, 2009 | Reply

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