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Personal Training In Dublin Is Dying But Does It Have To?

I have been personal training in Dublin for a number of years but in the last few months I have noticed a lot of changes in the personal training industry in Dublin.

People like you are opting for cost effective classes and bootcamps instead of 1:1 personal training.

Thing is there may not be a gym close by and transport to the gym may be an issue.  Or being able to afford membership may be an issue.

Does the recession have to effect your health?

Does the recession have to effect your health?

How many of you have got a personal trainer or have had personal training in the past?

Was the trainer right for you?

How many sessions did it take you to realise that your fitness trainer or personal trainer was not for you?

Some people are just plain embarrassed and cannot bring themselves to ASK a trainer for help.


I know this is the case because I have helped people online, providing online training programs, in the past. They said they would be mortified to ask a fitness trainer for help in person and thanked me for providing my services as an online personal trainer.

So I have decided to start personal training online to meet this demand.

Click here to check out the offer

The prices will remain as they are for the time being and they may increase as time goes on but let me just put it into perspective for you before you say…

‘I cant afford it’


‘But I need the motivation’

If you cant afford to stay in the gym you are in try and find a cheaper alternative. If that is still not a possibility look into joining a local bootcamp. These usually are held outdoors or in a local community centre and can be a great tool as the workouts you learn can be performed outside or inside with little or no equipment.

If you are ready give in to the fact you can’t afford personal training. And as a result feel your membership is obsolete. There just may be an alternative for you. Online personal training and nutritional support can provide you with personalized training and nutrition plans delivered to your email inbox that allow you to workout at leisure wherever you want. No appointments, no stress just cost effective personal training.

How many of you are simply too intimidated to work one-on-one with a personal trainer? Maybe you are embarrassed or afraid that others will stare at you. Online training makes it possible for you to benefit from a personal trainer while still working at your own pace and in your own comfort zone.

Online personal training provides you with a login/members area- where you can view

  • biomechanicaly accurate instructional exercise videos and illustrations,
  • your customized fitness/training programs,
  • full physical activity readiness assessment,
  • training calendar,
  • meal plans designed by registered dietitians,
  • weekly grocery lists based on your weekly meal plans,
  • diet analysis,
  • personal food log and workout results update, all of which I can personally review and edit depending on how you are progressing.

Just as you do if you were training with me in-person you will go through monthly fitness evaluations so I can track your progress.

If you are enjoying your workouts I would definitely like to hear your feedback and likewise if you are not enjoying them or your nutrition plan doesn’t quite suit you let me know and I will rectify it ASAP. I care about your progress and I understand your situation.

Bringing my clients to their goals is my passion, so I make it a point to give each client the necessary attention they need to make this happen. I am 100% willing to make any changes necessary to your program to better meet your needs.

So popover to my personal website by clicking the image below

Bryan Kavanagh's New website

Bryan Kavanagh's New website

Thanks for reading


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