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Gillian Mckeith And Healthy Food… Are you being fooled?

I was in Newry there a few weeks ago with Ian and we strayed into a few health food shops…

I just happened to have my camera with me and as i was in a particularly bitchy mood I decided to OWN Gillian Mckeith’s sugar/ fairy bars!



I suppose im being a bit harsh on Gillian Mckeith here but her products are absolute nonsense… Sugary, ‘Love Powder’ infused nonsense!

Check the video out below to hear my rant 🙂
(turn the volume up a bit as we were in a busy shopping centre)



Gillian McKeith’s ‘Pumkin seed bar’ translated to 6% pumpkin seeds… unless you are a reall small budgerigar this probably isnt gonna help you… It’s full of sugar, yes there are oats in it and they are not necessarily bad, as a recovery bar or some sort of pre workout snack…

The problem with the marketing is the general public think these are actually ‘healthy’ and eat more of them and at the wrong times… not good news for people seeking weight loss.

Eat you seeds :-)

Eat your seeds 🙂


Next up to the plate is the ‘Free From’ range of foods.





thanks for listening/watching my rants 🙂

For more information click the image/link below.

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