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Personal Training Programmes – Frequently Asked Questions

I havent done one of these training FAQ’s in a while but this one is about one of our products ‘Athletic Body System’

I was asked the following question on my facebook page today…It was public and im not making it up.

I thought I would post it here just in case there are those of you who have similar questions regarding the programme.

Here goes…

one size fits all

one size fits all


I finally had the time to go through your website,

I work out regularly but I have never been into real training.

I now have the time and want to do so.

Is your program specifically for those who already have a good fitness based understanding and/or for those who already have a good workout regime?

I thrive on plans and knowing exactly what I need or should do at the gym…

I’m asking these questions because I don’t want to get into something that is way out of the league I am currently in.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to hearing back from you…


The person in question was talking about our (Ian and I) Athletic Body System and the question she asked was good and it must not be clear on the site. Forgive me for seeming ‘salesly’ but it has to be said!

This was my answer… This is the actual response i gave on facebook you can go check if you want just add me over there on the right hand side! ————>


Hey Christina,

Well to be honest is for beginners, intermediates and anyone up to advanced trainees…

Reason being; we dont want people to simply get a programme and then after 12 weeks on it they dont know what to be doing with it…

We aim to

‘teach a man/woman to fish rather than give him/her a fish’

or whatever the proverb is 🙂

There are beginner, intermediate and advanced programmes fully illustrated and printable workout cards

Beginner exercises like:

ian squatting

ian squatting

And advanced exercises like:



There are also fat loss, muscle gain and conditioning plans fun for all! haha

Its That Easy

Its That Easy

There IS a lot of work involved but at the other end you are armed with the info and confidence to actually be able to make your own programme believe it or not…(there are alot of set workouts and programmes in there though)

It does require patience and work..I’m not hiding that but you can also get started right away so you have the best of both worlds…

Does this help?



Yea okay I added some pictures and stuff to make it pretty 🙂

But I hope it clarifies things for those of you who are wondering about it…

—> Click below to find out more

ABS logo

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