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Healthy Diet, Exercise And I’m Still Fat – Part 2

Yes its friday night and im writing a blog post…

Get over it. 🙂

I just wanted to get back on the issue of people eating right and working out and they still cant lose weight.

Sometime training and nutrition can be confusing! Its even more confusing when you do what an ‘expert’ has told you and you’re STILL fat!

Last week I focused primarily on misconceptions people have about training.

Now I am going to abolish some misconceptions about nutrition and healthy weight loss.

1. A calorie is DEFINITELY not a calorie

There I said it…let the hate mail flow!

Really though lets think about it. Compare the following caloric intakes.


I’ll bet your diet looks like person 2 doesnt it? Person one has a terrible diet right? All them fatty peanuts?


Peanut butter?!

‘Sure there’s loads of calories in that isnt there?’


But there is also something else going on behind the scenes.

Say for mischief both people has the same BMR (basal metabolic rate) i.e. the both require the same amount of calories to survive a normal day.  Lets say that magic number is 1800 kcals.

So in theory person 1 will maintain weight and person 2 will lose weight. Right?

Simple math: person one is maintaining and person 2 is in a caloric deficit (1400-1800 = -400)

Person 2 loses weight, yea?


Carbs in the morning, carbs for lunch, carbs for dinner, carbs before bed.

Insulin, insulin, insulin.

Insulin is a storage hormone. It’s job is to clear excess blood sugar and fats from the blood stream and store it.

Store it… and it very good at storing. It particularly likes putting it around the belly button, love handles and even tucks some under your shoulder blades for fun.

Person 2 is probably insulin resistant and on their way to developing  type 2 diabetes.

Person one is most likely lean and fit…know why? No insulin.

If you want to lose weight insulin is the enemy. Full STOP.

If you are maintaining…

Insulin is good… in the morning and after training. Thats about it.

Theres my rant for the day…

Bryan kavanagh BSc CSCS

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