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From Late September/early October I will be based in a new personal training studio in Temple Bar, Dublin


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Bryan Kavanagh Personal Training in Temple Bar is much more than just another personal training company!

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Mongolian Barbeque Dublin. This Healthy Buffet Is The Way Forward!

Quick Recommendation for you Dublin people looking to eat healthy (and you willing to travel to temple bar)

I was in the Mongolian Barbeque in temple bar recently and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised!

I have to admit I had heard good things about the place but I wasn’t expecting it to be so…well… Healthy!

temple bar restaurant

Temple Bar Restaurant


I whole heartedly think that if you are going out for a meal once and a while you should just enjoy the meal itself, trust me it is not the fancy meal you have once every week or two that is stopping you from losing weight/ making you gain bodyfat, it is the things you do everyday…

That out of my system I will continue with the shameless plug of my new favourite restaurant 🙂

It is absolutely perfect. I could end the post with that, but I wont.

It is a glorious mixture of all kinds of meat and vegetables that are all fresh and …droool… you can choose from a ridiculously large selection of sauces and spices to give the meal an extra kick.

It fits right in with our ABS food pyramid!

Paleolthic Diet, Well Kind Of...

Paleolthic Diet, Well Kind Of...

It is all prepared right on front of you on a big circular griddle type thing and the best part is you get to watch…these guys have these sticks that they throw the food around  like a giant stir fry or something.

mongolian barbeque cooking sticks

Like I said …Epic 🙂

My New Friend :-)

My New Friend 🙂

I even made friends with the chef 🙂

Place is highly recommended 🙂


Bryan kavanagh BSc. CSCS

bryan kavanagh

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