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The reasons why you arent losing weight…

For women it goes something like this…

In Almost every consultation/assessment I ask the following question…


‘What have you tried before??’

Almost every one of them goes like this…in this exact order!!!!


First diet book

They follow it for all of 3 days and realise that its not all its cracked up to be, a lot of theory but no practical application. Nobody to drive them on and hold them accountable.

Home Dvd

Now they can’t fail! They have the latest celebrity telling them what to do and jumping around in front of them in a string top not even breathing heavily! Truth is its about as fabricated as your furniture. Them DVD’s are made to suit EVERYBODY. Basically if there is anything that is remotely difficult they remove it. leaving you bouncing and flailing around the place aimlessly 3x times a week until you realise its not working.

Weight watchers

I honestly don’t know why people keep going to weight watchers. I wont even rant about this one… there are 1/100 people that genuinely do benefit from weight watchers. The other 99 suffer. They gain the weight back on, they are obsessed with ‘points’ to the extent that they count the points in a glass of water and a deep breath not to mention the damaged metabolism they are left with at the end of it.

Slimming pills


Taking fat burners, eating cayenne pepper by the spoonful. All to speed up your metabolism by a maximum of 5-7 %… we are talking about; 50-100 kcals/ day depending on your body size. Just don’t eat ONE of those biscuits and you will save yourself a fortune every month.

Gym membership


Aerobics classes

Yes, aerobics classes are fun and you do sweat a lot in them. You will plateau and the class will get easy… then…


Personal trainer

Then you get some antelope who leans on the treadmill while pressing buttons randomly and telling you that you are doing a great job…

‘keep going… yea that’s it…’

While looking at himself in the mirror or chatting up people passing by or something ridiculous like that…

And people wonder why they ‘can’t’ lose weight….


bryan kavanagh

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Eat Fat…Lose Fat…


It’s the enemy right? Sure it’s the 1st thing you say when you go to eat something;

‘Is this fattening’



proper fats

It is almost ingrained into people to check how much fat is in their foods and as a result a ‘fat free’ cereal bar suddenly becomes a health food and cereal is an acceptable breakfast to eat. After all it is fat free. .you can’t get fat if its fat free right?


In the 90’s and early 00’s dietary fat got a really bad reputation.

1 gram of fat = 9 calories
1 gram of carbohydrate = 4 calories
1 gram of protein = 4 calories

In the majority of cases it is not the excess fat or calories that people are taking in that makes them gain weight and/or prevents them from losing weight. It is the damage to the metabolism and the constantly elevated insulin levels caused by the poor quality, high sugar diet that they used to follow.

Long story short, it’s not the fat that’s causing you to store fat. Truth be told your intake of fat helps you lose fat.

Take omega 3 fatty acids, ALA (alpha linoleic acid) and fish oils for example.

If you look at the container of any food rich in these ingredients you will probably be put off straight away!

Take flaxseed for example, rich in ALA (a precursor to omega 3) but it is pure fat too. 10 grams is 90 kcals. 10 grams of any fat, saturated, unsaturated, sideways, upside down, doesn’t matter its fat and it has 9 kcals per gram of the stuff.

Confusing you again aren’t I?

It really is the source of the fat that matters. Not the calories.

Trans fats and most saturated fats are too complex and stubborn and tend to be stored easier. Some will be utilised and converted into hormones etc. Not to get too technical but eliminate trans fats and try minimise saturated fats as they still have their uses.

Omega 3 and ALA (plant version of omega 3) and basically most oils (omega 6&9) are good in moderation. Thing is, you more than likely get enough omega 6&9 already…but you definitely don’t get enough Omega 3. I know that because I probably don’t either. It almost is like the more the better with this wonderful fat… I don’t want you going and buying a bottle of pure fish oil and drinking it up but I will say take in more.

My recommendations are extreme and I get funny looks when I give them. Begin introducing a sprinkle of milled flaxseed on your scrambled egg or a table spoon in your shake or in your natural yogurt in the morning.

Begin taking fish oils properly, not one capsule a day. For a 180-200lb guy I’d suggest 6-8 capsules a day. For a 130lb woman 4-6 capsules per day. These are minimal requirements. Just make sure they are fish oils and not multivitamin cod liver oil.

Here are some of the benefits of taking in more fat:

Increase insulin sensitivity (opposite if insulin resistance)
Reduced belly fat storage
Decreased inflammation
Increased nervous function
Increase reaction time
Cognitive ability (your brain works better)

The list goes on

I guess what I’m trying to do here is convince you that it isn’t fat that is the problem here, don’t fear it!

Thanks for reading!




Check out the ABS cookbook for some FATTY meals 🙂


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