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Christmas Present Idea…Personal Training

Apologies to those who aren’t interested…
Due to popular demand we are going to run a special offer between now and Dec 31st.
It started because a few people were harassing me for Christmas present vouchers but then I had a brainwave…
In order to avoid the January rush we are trying to get people signed up for January ASAP. So we have decided to offer a little incentive.
3 weeks personal training
Meal Plans
Assessments (pre and post)
Copy of Athletic Body System or Athlete Physique Free ($77+)
For €300
Works out at €33/ session…
It’s a steal to be honest we just want to get people in before January so we don’t have to deal with it IN January…
Kinda selfish and selfless at the same time but it works out for those interested too…
Just one thing…there’s been a lot of interest in it and it WILL clear out fast and I will cap it.
First come first served!
Email me immediately and we can organise the consultation…
I think I mentioned it but its perfect for a Christmas present!
After December 31st its gone for ever! 🙂
Keep it in mind! (or forward this email on to anyone who you think may be interested)
Bryan Kavanagh

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