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Personal Trainer -vs- Coach

I often get asked why I call myself a coach as opposed to a personal trainer.

The difference between a personal trainer and a coach is simple. As coaches, the trainers in The ABS Gym in dublin do not just train clients.


They coach them.

In reality, nobody needs a personal trainer. A ‘personal trainer’ will train someone for an hour and then forget about them until they come in again for their next session.

I will quote my good friend Dax Moy on this one.


‘A coach is someone who helps you win


I.e. If fat loss is your goal, then it is essentially a competition with yourself, a   competition that you must win.


Aside from the training itself, a coach is also an educator.


If anyone in the ABS Gym was to merely ‘train’ people, as far as I’m concerned we have failed them.


In the ABS Gym we pride ourselves on educating the client on WHY they are doing things, WHY they are eating a certain way and WHY the old way didn’t work.


‘I think self-awareness is probably the most important thing towards being a champion’ – Billie Jean King


Awareness is key to achieving your weight loss or physique goals. Being aware of what you are eating and why you are eating it is far more useful than simply being told to do something.


Explaining the structure of the training programme and why you are doing certain exercise combinations rather than just doing them.


That’s coaching…


There are 168 hours in the week. Even if you spent 3 days/ week with a trainer, you still have a grand total of 165 hours to mess up your results.


If you are being coached, then you constantly make EDUCATED subconscious decisions regarding training, nutrition and lifestyle…

168 hours of the week…


Sound like a plan?


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