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39 ways to lose fat

1. Eat smaller portions

2. Eat regularly

3. Drink plenty of water

4. Drink even more water

5. Eat ‘surface’ vegetable

6. Don’t eat ‘Root’ vegetables

7. Don’t eat white bread

8. Don’t eat potatoes

9. Don’t eat rice

10. Don’t eat pasta

11. Don’t eat sugar

12. Don’t eat cereal

13. Only eat berries other fruits are too high in sugar – ‘natural sugar’ is still sugar

14. Get plenty of sleep

15. Don’t do cardio (YES YOU HEARD ME RIGHT)

16. Do interval training (everyone can do interval training)

17. Lift weights (yes resistance training will make you lose weight)

18. Don’t workout … Train

19. Stop eating carbs of any description after 6pm

20. Eat more

21. Eat breakfast

22. Drink caffeinated drinks…

23. Don’t drink too many caffeinated drinks

24. Have a PLAN

25. Set clear and concise goals

26. Get personal training 🙂

27. If not, Get a real training programme, not a workout from a magazine

28. Eat. Stop. Eat. Don’t graze on food between meals

29. No BLT’s (bites, licks, tastes) it adds up

30. Assess your progress, if you’re not assessing your guessing

31. Don’t eat meals that contain over 500 kcals

32. Eat fibre

33. Eat protein

34. Take fish oils

35. Relax. Stress stores fat. FACT

36. Do a Fat Loss Boot Camp

37. Have a cheat meal once a week.

38. EARN the cheat meal

39. Train at least 3 times/ week

Bonus Tip…

Did I mention you should get a personal trainer to lose weight? 🙂

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  1. I disagree with a good number of the listed ways…but overall, this is essential, helpful, and great info!

    Comment by Kevin Lin | July 14, 2010 | Reply

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