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Carbs… Friend or foe… [read this]

If you’ve been reading my Personal Trainer Dublin blogposts for a while you’ve probably been starting to reduce your refined sugar intake and introducing some different foods into your diet…?

Now you have started to introduce different foods, reduce others and improve you diet over all. For the next couple of days we are going to talk a little about what we are putting into our bodies and how it will effect your efforts.

You probably still don’t know the reasoning behind it though. . I know what you are thinking and its probably on your mind all the time. .

‘don’t you need carbs?’

‘I feel tired when I don’t eat carbs’

or my favourite

‘ I CAN’T give up carbs’

First of all I never said give them up I merely said change the sources of carbs. Consider this;

Traditional diet. . Eat Less

You’ve heard of the 40:30:30 ratios an all that garbage. . ie calorie sources coming from

40% carbs
30% fat

Yea? Looks okay right?

So say you maintain that ratio and just ‘reduce’ everything, carbs fats and protein ..
or reduce portions but you are essentially eating less, yea?

Where are all the vitamins and ESSENTIAL stuff in food?

In the fat and protein sources of course. .

So in reducing you caloric intake you have also reduced your nutrient intake. .

vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. . all that good stuff.

A reduction in nutrient intake is what causes hunger and a sense
of deprivation in most peoples diets and as a result they all fail!

Your body simply detects that you are low on NUTRIENTS
not on fat and makes you hungy in the hope that you take in some
nutrients. . Your body can’t tell you;

‘take some calcium will ya?!’

All it can do is make you hungry in the hope you will take the hint
and take in something nutritious. .

So with the reduction in essential nutrients and maintenance of the
40:30:30 ratio, you have created cravings and set yourself up for
binges etc.

The problem is two fold. . .carbs (especially for people who are overweight)
will not only increase insulin levels and cause fat storage but the majority of
overweight people are insulin resistant meaning that insulin sticks around
much longer than it is supposed to and has trouble clearing all of the excess
carbs in the bloodstream. .

Bellyfat and then being comparatively thin everywhere else is a sure sign of this. .
next comes type 2 diabetes. . .

The insulin is not detected/picked up by the cells as easily, so ‘glucose clearance’
is slower and you have risen blood glucose levels for hours.

Fat loss is halted for this entire time. . so you could essentially go out
into your garden and do backflips for the ENTIRE time and your body will
not release any fat. .

Insulin is a storage hormone and it stores very well. .tell me. .

If you were storing something, you’d put it in a sealed container right?

Your insulin shuts off the ‘exit’ from the fat cells and does exactly that. .

Seals in the fat. . . No fat loss for you. .

Oh and not to mention if your insulin is raised, you are after eating a load of carbs
and you are storing that too. . . GREAT!

Think about it. . don’t just close the page and forget


Bryan Kavanagh BSc CSCS

Ian Graham CPT

ABS Gym —

ABS —-

Athlete physique —-

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  1. I get a warning, when I click on links to your website. Says it’s an attack. FYI

    Comment by john | May 24, 2011 | Reply

    • i know my web host is having trouble… its wrecking my head!

      thanks for the heads up

      Comment by bryankav | May 24, 2011 | Reply

  2. Best of luck – it happened to me before on my site you can get your site unlisted as an attack site here – you probably know that but just in case

    Comment by john | May 25, 2011 | Reply

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