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Personal Trainer – Possibly The Best Job In The World

A personal client of mine said this to me tonight…

‘You’re here 13 hours, that’s a long day! It probably makes it harder that you have to actually talk to people..?’

I’ll admit it… being a personal trainer can be tough!

You have to motivate clients all day long and be in good form…

There are some days that you dont ‘feel like it’ but they are few and far between. 

There are days when you probably SHOULDN’T be there. 

A good friend of mine passed away recently and I was working with clients and running the bootcamp the next day. 

You know what? My clients, the bootcampers and the trainers got me through it. 

I love my ‘job’ and my business and when I dont feel like getting out of bed at 6am or working until 9 pm some nights I simply think about what my ‘job’ is…

It isn’t a job, its a privilege.

I help people on a daily basis. (and torment them but that’s neither here nor there) 🙂

Then I receive emails like this and it makes the long days and the early mornings seem trivial. 

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