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Mongolian Barbeque Dublin. This Healthy Buffet Is The Way Forward!

Quick Recommendation for you Dublin people looking to eat healthy (and you willing to travel to temple bar)

I was in the Mongolian Barbeque in temple bar recently and I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised!

I have to admit I had heard good things about the place but I wasn’t expecting it to be so…well… Healthy!

temple bar restaurant

Temple Bar Restaurant


I whole heartedly think that if you are going out for a meal once and a while you should just enjoy the meal itself, trust me it is not the fancy meal you have once every week or two that is stopping you from losing weight/ making you gain bodyfat, it is the things you do everyday…

That out of my system I will continue with the shameless plug of my new favourite restaurant 🙂

It is absolutely perfect. I could end the post with that, but I wont.

It is a glorious mixture of all kinds of meat and vegetables that are all fresh and …droool… you can choose from a ridiculously large selection of sauces and spices to give the meal an extra kick.

It fits right in with our ABS food pyramid!

Paleolthic Diet, Well Kind Of...

Paleolthic Diet, Well Kind Of...

It is all prepared right on front of you on a big circular griddle type thing and the best part is you get to watch…these guys have these sticks that they throw the food around  like a giant stir fry or something.

mongolian barbeque cooking sticks

Like I said …Epic 🙂

My New Friend :-)

My New Friend 🙂

I even made friends with the chef 🙂

Place is highly recommended 🙂


Bryan kavanagh BSc. CSCS

bryan kavanagh

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Gillian Mckeith And Healthy Food… Are you being fooled?

I was in Newry there a few weeks ago with Ian and we strayed into a few health food shops…

I just happened to have my camera with me and as i was in a particularly bitchy mood I decided to OWN Gillian Mckeith’s sugar/ fairy bars!



I suppose im being a bit harsh on Gillian Mckeith here but her products are absolute nonsense… Sugary, ‘Love Powder’ infused nonsense!

Check the video out below to hear my rant 🙂
(turn the volume up a bit as we were in a busy shopping centre)



Gillian McKeith’s ‘Pumkin seed bar’ translated to 6% pumpkin seeds… unless you are a reall small budgerigar this probably isnt gonna help you… It’s full of sugar, yes there are oats in it and they are not necessarily bad, as a recovery bar or some sort of pre workout snack…

The problem with the marketing is the general public think these are actually ‘healthy’ and eat more of them and at the wrong times… not good news for people seeking weight loss.

Eat you seeds :-)

Eat your seeds 🙂


Next up to the plate is the ‘Free From’ range of foods.





thanks for listening/watching my rants 🙂

For more information click the image/link below.

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Cheat Meals- Can I Eat ‘Normal Foods’ Like Carbs And Fat And Still Lose Weight?

I decided I was going to make a mess of myself last easter and eat a load of easter eggs (I mean a load) Easter Sunday and openly told everyone about it. .

They all thought id lost it!

Ya’d swear i’d never cheated before in my life!

I told them sure just last a couple days ago I had a LARGE popcorn and 300g MAN bag of maltesers in the cinema. It was the beginning of my two week experiment to see how much bodyfat i can lose. Everyone said to me ‘isn’t that stupid? putting on weight so you can lose it?’ I answered with a simple ‘NO, it will make me LOSE fat in the long run’. You see people have losing weight all backwards, they think you have to deprive yourself of the foods you like and it is ESSENTIAL you are miserable throughout the entire fat-loss process.

None of them would believe me. . Im not blowing my own trumpet but I maintain a fairly low bodyfat % all year round (<6%) . .why would they! Little do they know when I am out for a meal I will make correct food choices 90-95% of the time but there are times when I ‘strategically cheat’. . Just because people see me eating healthy most of the time doesnt mean I live on lettuce and brocolli all the time. . I just happen to like chocolate and popcorn so thats how i deal with my cravings AND repair my metabolism!

YES repair my metabolism! It’s funny because most people think cheating is merely a psychological thing. Something used really infrequently to squash cravings and keep you on track with your ‘diet’ . . thats true to an extent but the main reason i cheat is to ‘fix’ my metabolism. .

I compete in both Tae-Kwon-Do and Boxing and I need to keep my bodyweight around 73kg (I compete at 71kg) this is fairly tough considering I lift heavy 3-4 times per week. Calorie restiction is sometimes a must for me. . same as anybody on a diet. Difference is it’s easy for me! I plan my cheat meals, and eat healthy nutritious foods the rest of the time. . I enjoy my large popcorn and maltesers and dont feel a bit of guilt because by timing my cheating strategically it actually HELPS me lose weight! Optimising my fat burning hormones and accelerating fat loss. You have to be careful though there is is a process involved and way too much involved to fit in this post (or 20 for that matter).

My clients think I am crazy TELLING them to eat their favourite cheat foods at certain times! Thing is they are all losing bodyfat using the >>>Bodyfat Blitz Programme<<< and >>>CHEAT YOUR WAY THIN<<< nutritional practices and its only been a week!

To read more on the subject you have gotta check out Joel Marion’s Cheat Your Way Thin Videos –> HERE. I have been an advocate of cheat meals and preached their benefits for years and Joel beat me to the punch and wrote an entire book about it! He also has a number of fre.e videos on the site that further explain the processes mentioned above.

You can check out the programme here —–> Cheat Your Way Thin

Check out the Bodyfat Blitz Program here —>

If you have any problems/queries please comment below

Bryan Kavanagh BSc CSCS

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