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Celebrity Trainer Pat Henry

I was in Northwood earlier in the week about to knock out an intense lower body training session when a newspaper article about celebrity trainer Pat Henry caught my eye.

I was late for the training session but I couldnt help reading the article start to finish.

On one hand, I shouln’t be slating the article and I’ve already received 2 messages saying I’m jealous that he got in the paper…Please..I’ve been in the paper too… talking SENSE.

Here’s my critique of the drivel… I mean article. These are just some of the statements that Pat made in the article…they actually make my blood boil…some people will actually pay attention to this garbage and ruin their training progress.

‘spinning at high resistance makes your bum bigger’

Sorry but it is still submaximal. There is no hope of someone getting ‘huge bum’ from spinning unless of course the resistance in literally immovable…only then would you get ANY muscle growth.

‘too long on the cross trainer will bulk up your legs…’

This is absolutely ridiculous… unless of course the person has the resistence setting up too high. Have you ever seen someone who has huge legs that ‘walks too much’ because thats all a cross trainer is… a mix between walking and cross country skiing. The Cross trainer and bike can of course be used to perform fat burning intervals which … wait for it… make you bum smaller and help you lose fat.

If spinning or going on the cross trainer was so effective at growing muscles, I know a lot of young GUYS who would be glued to the stationary bike. If growing muscle was so easy everyone in the gym who are plodding along on the cardio machines day in, day out would be lean and muscular…

Careful... Spinning classes may bulk you up 🙂

But they aren’t… Maybe cardio and silly bikes are not the way to go… Just food for thought.

This was the best part of the article. The Do’s and Dont’s were hilarious. they are actually the complete and utter OPPOSITE of the truth.

‘DON’T… keep your feet flat on the ground when tackling squats’

‘DO… Use a wedge to raise your feet slightly off the ground.


He goes on to say, ‘keeping your heels flat on the ground makes you stick out your bum and makes it bigger’
Oh Dear God…

‘DON’T… bend from side to side as it could add 3 inches to your waist and create a thickness’

Im not a fan of ‘bending side to side‘ but if ‘bending side to side‘ (technical term I assume) added 3 inches to your waist i’d have all my male clients do some sort of front to back motion with their upper back to add 3 inches to their upper body…that’d make sense right?


‘DO… Twist as far as you can in alternate directions to whittle the waist down’

Oh right so a side to side motion will make it bigger but a spine-crunching rotational movement will make it smaller…I never knew that…must try it sometime…

‘DON’T lift weights that are too heavy. “I’m not a fan of heavy weights for girls, It shortens muscles and ruins the shape of the arms”
‘DO…A 1kg Dumbbell with exercises like the bicep curl can help banish bingo wings’

This part of the article angered but I’ve already wrote about ladies only lifting light weights and how nonsensical it is here
–> Women lifting Light Weights

That aside…

Even if the 1kg bicep curls did burn fat (which they most certainly do not) I still have to question his exercise selection …Is it just me or is the bicep on the front of the arm and the tricep on the back of the arm? I dunno, I’ll have to consult with my anatomy book… 🙂

There’s a bit of a rant, hope I wasn’t too antagonistic.

Thanks for reading

Bryan Kavanagh BSc. CSCS

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