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Starting An Exercise Program

I’ve had a lot of people inquiring about personal training lately…must be the January rush which, by the way, I do not understand.

Some personal training inquiries are serious and some are just testing the water asking about how much personal training costs or they are looking for information on a fitness program which is completely fine…

They include people who are already in a gym who just want a PROFESSIONAL training and nutrition programme that a fitness instructor or gym instructor in a commercial gym isn’t able to provide.

Or people who have been struggling on their own in a commercial gym and are frustrated that their current personal trainer isn’t getting results.

Then there is the group of people that have never joined a gym and they are looking for guidance on starting a fitness program.

The Top 3 reasons I get for people not starting a fitness training programme is

  1. ‘Its boring’
  2. I don’t like the Gym
  3. I don’t know what I’m doing.

It’s boring being my favourite. If you are bored and lack motivation to exercise you obviously aren’t doing it right. Exercise is cool at the worst of times. At the best of time it’s just plain exhilarating. Let me explain.

When you train your body releases ‘happy hormones’ called endorphins.

These hormones are sent coursing through your veins almost immediately, if you are working at a high enough intensity that is. Therein lies the problem. Most people don’t know how to exercise intensely enough without being absolutely K.O’d in a matter of minutes and nearly fainting.

There has to be a graduated introduction into intense exercises and therefore it takes a while (a little while) to be able to exercise to the intensity required to get that happy ‘feeling’ when you train which leads to you sticking to the programme because your body has become accustomed to training and likes it now. It’s not such a shock to the system and it becomes and enjoyable experience.

2. See above…

Some people genuinely don’t like the gym. It intimidates them and the wild hoards of people racing for equipment and hogging dumbbells just annoy them. This is fair enough but it is no reason not to exercise.

If this is you stop making excuses and get your ass in gear. Go for a walk, take the stairs, get private personal training, do something and stop procrastinating.


This Guy DEFINITELY doesn’t know what he’s doing.

I could have approached him and helped but I know fro a fact that my help would be met with aggression and rejection. He knows he’s right and it will take a lack of results and/ or injury to convince him otherwise. God forbid he got a personal trainer and learned what works and what doesn’t…

What he’s doing doesn’t … in case you were wondering…

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Lets face it, the first thing you find yourself doing when you even think about losing weight is measuring tapes, weighing scales and dress sizes.

What are some of the numbers you find yourself obsessing over?

The number on the scale is the main weight loss indicator people obsess about but you may be surprised that it is probably the last one you should be worrying about. Weighing yourself can be a very good indicator if you are say, 50 or 100 lbs over weight; because there is quite a bit of weight to lose but if you are looking to lose 10-15 lbs for instance then the scales isn’t the way to go. Let me explain.

In the initial stages you will lose weight fast. However, it is not all fat loss. Simple changes in your diet can cause you to stop retaining water and reduce inflammation causing you to drop ‘weight’ and some fat of course but early in the diet dramatic weight loss will primarily be water loss. So if some magical trainer tells you he can make you lose 10 lbs in a week he’s talking nonsense, it’s not fat loss. Contrary to this if you take up a new exercise regime the muscle damage can cause you to retain water. As a result some people can gain ‘weight’ and some people can lose weight in their first week of training but they both definitely lost fat regardless of the change in the number on the weighing scales.

The number of inches lost can be trouble to. Losing inches long term is great, I’m all for it, the problem is people obsess about it and measure their waist daily. It will not change in such a small time scale. I know what’s going through peoples minds when they are performing this crazy ritual…

‘hmm I wonder if I lost weight yesterday’

Even if you stopped eating completely for a day you wouldn’t visibly lose anything so stop kidding yourself. Losing inches is a process and doesn’t happen over night. So put the tape away until the weekend and keep to the programme.

Worrying about dress size now I agree with, because when you have a target in mind like ‘being a size 8 again’ at least you have something to focus on. Buying a dress that is the size you want to be is possibly the best motivational tool you could use. Buy committing to buying that expensive dress you have a clear-cut goal to achieve; to be a specific size…no scales involved, no crap. You either fit into it and it looks great on you or it doesn’t. if it doesn’t then there’s some work to be done period.

Food that has the number of calories pasted all over it is the worst food you can possibly eat. Simply because it’s the sugar and processed crap has a negative effect it has on your blood sugar levels and your metabolism that causes insulin spikes, fat storage and weight gain, not the amount of calories that’s in the food itself which, admittedly is quite low. You will gain more fat as a result of eating those foods than if you ate twice the amount of calories in a healthier unprocessed form because your metabolism is still firing on all cylinders and churning out calories uninterrupted.

I cringe when I hear people say

‘I done 30 minutes last week on the treadmill so then I did 40 minutes this week…<how great am I>’

Probably a bit harsh but all that person has done is taught their body to burn less calories. That’s right, endurance exercise like running on a treadmill/going on a cross trainer for a set amount of time at a reasonably constant pace is an endurance exercise. The only difference between me, you and an endurance athlete is that they are really good at sparing calories; they ration them out and use as little calories as possible doing exercise. If we put that into perspective, your goal when you go to the gym is to burn calories, right? Well, why train your body to burn less each time you go? Soon you will have to run for three hours to burn off thirty minutes worth of calories.

The most frustrating thing I have come across is the fear women have of picking up a weight that doesn’t look like a baby’s rattler. They gravitate towards the pink rubber dumbbells and then knock out about fifty mind numbing repetitions. Seriously, an average handbag weighs twice that of the silly pink dumbbell. A baby is four or five times the mass of that ridiculous ankle weight and some women carry both these around for a day simultaneously. Doing a light weight for high repetitions will not tone anything. If the muscle was capable of doing something with ease before you went to the gym it see no need to adapt and ‘tone’ so it just stays the same, it’s a waste of time. The same is true for burning calories, the muscle needs to be challenged every time you train in a different manner. If the exercise you are doing takes two hours and is as boring as hell then you might as well be at home to be honest. I know you have heard of the term ‘No Pain, No Gain’? I won’t go that extreme but I will say you have to step outside your comfort zone of little colourful ankle weights and take a look around at everybody who is training like that and getting nowhere and do the opposite to what they are doing and you might just make some progress.

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The reasons why you arent losing weight…

For women it goes something like this…

In Almost every consultation/assessment I ask the following question…


‘What have you tried before??’

Almost every one of them goes like this…in this exact order!!!!


First diet book

They follow it for all of 3 days and realise that its not all its cracked up to be, a lot of theory but no practical application. Nobody to drive them on and hold them accountable.

Home Dvd

Now they can’t fail! They have the latest celebrity telling them what to do and jumping around in front of them in a string top not even breathing heavily! Truth is its about as fabricated as your furniture. Them DVD’s are made to suit EVERYBODY. Basically if there is anything that is remotely difficult they remove it. leaving you bouncing and flailing around the place aimlessly 3x times a week until you realise its not working.

Weight watchers

I honestly don’t know why people keep going to weight watchers. I wont even rant about this one… there are 1/100 people that genuinely do benefit from weight watchers. The other 99 suffer. They gain the weight back on, they are obsessed with ‘points’ to the extent that they count the points in a glass of water and a deep breath not to mention the damaged metabolism they are left with at the end of it.

Slimming pills


Taking fat burners, eating cayenne pepper by the spoonful. All to speed up your metabolism by a maximum of 5-7 %… we are talking about; 50-100 kcals/ day depending on your body size. Just don’t eat ONE of those biscuits and you will save yourself a fortune every month.

Gym membership


Aerobics classes

Yes, aerobics classes are fun and you do sweat a lot in them. You will plateau and the class will get easy… then…


Personal trainer

Then you get some antelope who leans on the treadmill while pressing buttons randomly and telling you that you are doing a great job…

‘keep going… yea that’s it…’

While looking at himself in the mirror or chatting up people passing by or something ridiculous like that…

And people wonder why they ‘can’t’ lose weight….


bryan kavanagh

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