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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do Cardio… And the solution

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Do Cardio… And the solution

I’m just back from the park behind my apartment in Swords.

I wasn’t in the humour of gym based training today so I decided to do some ‘cardio’.

Not the kind you are thinking of…I will outline what I did and explain why in a moment but first I’ll talk a little bit about cardio and how it isn’t actually the best exercise for fat loss.

I NEVER recommend traditional cardio to my personal training clients…

1.Its boring

2.It doesn’t work for fat loss (seriously)

3.Its counter productive (It makes you fatter)

Let me explain…

1.Its boring and it sucks… that’s about it for point 1…

If you actually like doing long repetitive cardio, be my guest…but somehow I don’t think you will do it again after reading these next points.

2. If you think about it…

I mean really, really think about it… what is the physical difference between your average untrained person and someone who can run a marathon?

They both actually look the same right?

When was the last time you saw a ‘fit’ looking endurance athlete?

The only thing different is their physiology has adapted to use energy more efficiently than the person who is untrained… basically their body uses less energy to do the same thing.

To make a long story short… everytime you do steady state cardio you teach your body to use less calories…

Use less calories, less fat is lost…

3. Its COUNTER productive…

It makes you fatter in the long run…seriously…

Taking point 2 into consideration… lets say you teach your body to use less calories each time you perform a cardio workout…


Week 1 you burn 350 calories

Week 2 you burn 300 calories

Week 3 you burn 250 calories

This is an exaggerated example but you get the picture…

But lets say you are eating the same food all that time, but burning less calories…

You get fatter.

You get more economical with calories, burn less of them, eat the exact same as you were before and … get fatter…

Not nice is it?

Heres my workout


15 sprints that involved 10 seconds of work/sprinting and 50 seconds rest (mostly lying on the pathway panting)

5 x 50 m shuttle runs (out and back) with high knees at the end of each run (2:00 windows)*

5 sets of 20m (out and back) shuttles in the tennis court with 30 seconds clap push ups at one end of the run and 30 seconds crossover climbs at the other… (2:00 windows)*


That was an hour ago and I’m still sweating 🙂

Interval training cardio is the way forward…

Instead of getting used to the activity and becoming economical at it, your body/ metabolism will just throw calories at you if you are performing intense exercise.

More calories burned = more fat burned… WIN…

I’m not suggesting you go out and even attempt my workout because if you are not highly trained you will not be able to complete it and then you’ll probably be sending me hate mail for a month after it because of how sore your legs are.

So try this…


Jog for 10 seconds brisk walk for 50 seconds x 10 repetitions

Really fast brisk walk for 1 minute and lazy walk for 1 minute

Mark out 20 metres.

Jog 20 metres, perform a plank for 30 seconds jog back (1 repetition) perform 10 of these.


Done… you’ll be surprised how effective it will be for you…

You might get some looks but who cares you’ll be leaner than them in no time 🙂

Check out one of my clients who has lost an amazing 110 lbs of fat since last october…


Heres the proof from facebook



Thanks for reading


Bryan Kavanagh BSc CSCS

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Lose Fat, Gain Muscle. . ‘Can I Gain Muscle And Lose Fat At The Same Time?’

During my time in Northwood Health and Fitness in Santry i have worked with a LOT of people.

I tend to attract questions, left, right and center people question me on one topic or another.

. . .

I wouldn’t mind if I looked particularly intelligent . . i look like a bit of a meat head. . im loud and ‘playfully’ aggressive 🙂

But still they come, questions, questions and more questions. Its great (except for when I’m training then it gets kind of annoying!)

. . .

Some for weight loss

Some have trouble area’s they want to address

Injuries and rehabilitation

Nutrition advice

. . .

The above questions are easy enough to address. . simple lifestyle adaptations. . sorted!

The worst group of people are the men in their late teens to mid 20’s looking to put on muscle. . they ask the same thing every time!

. . .

‘I want to put on muscle, but first I’m going to eat less and lose the fat first,THEN get a good weight gainer protein shake and bulk up’

. . .

Oh dear, this is when the alarm bells go off!

The concept of losing fat first by eating less and performing aerobic activity to lose fat

and then

Eating excess calories and taking weight gainers to put on weight . . ? Oh dear!


Is this you?

Do you think you have to lose fat and gain muscle at different times?

. . .

Then you have the opposite. . The crowd that are constantly in a state of confused bulking and cutting, their weight fluctuates all over the place and they cant really assess their progress because they are basically fat and cant ‘see’ any visual differences.

Do you have to ‘Bulk’ up by training hard and eating lots of calories and protein and then ‘Cut’ back on calories and strip the fat at separate times?

. .

Is that really necessary?

Personally i think it works GREAT! For a small percentage of people.

But think about this for a moment. . how many fat bodybuilders do you know? I don’t mean out of season competitive bodybuilders, i mean the ones that are constantly ‘bulking’ and ‘massing’ and they try to cut for a month and because the scales starts to go down below 200lbs/90kg they get freaked out and go back on a ‘Bulk’ and get even fatter.

I’m just venting here but i think you get my point. . i have no doubt it works for some people but it seems a little contradictory to me for most people with average genetics and body types.

Leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts


Bryan Kavanagh BSc CSCS

Dont forget to comment 🙂


If you are on Facebook then have a look here and let me know what you think. .

Kind of unbelievable but it happened!

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Can Fasting Help You Lose Weight? – My 24 Hour Fast

Alot of the VERY reputable trainers and nutritionists i am in regular contact with started trying Planned Fasting. . i was like huh? Yes, even i was skeptical. . Fasting?! How can not eating anything be good for you? Well it turns out it is! I knew about Brads Product but i hadnt invested in it and wasnt fully versed in the inner workings of it. . But i bit the bullet and bought Brads Programme . . It opened my eyes to a lot of interesting facts!. . I know you have probably heard of ‘fasted cardio’ and not eating anything before your morning workout. . i admit i used to feel like bashing people for doing that. . i still kind of do because the REASON behind it doesnt make sense. . and i never once said it would effect performance. . did i?

Getting off track. . So after a long hard think about it (30 seconds or so) i decided to give it a try! Last thursday i decided to do a ‘small’ fast. After my late dinner (about 11pm) i stopped eating. .  Water and green tea. . thats it. So i said i would do an 18 hour fast, leaving plenty of time to get fuelled up for training and give myself a ‘taste’ of this fasting business. I thought i would be starving and letharigic, i feared i would just eat everything in sight after the 18 hours, and i would not be able to get back into a routine. .

Nope! None of that, i felt GREAT and I had unlimited energy all day! No fatigue, very little stomach rumbling. i was actually disappointed in myself that i didnt complete the full 24 hours after i ate. . i wasnt even hungry! HA

So I done the full 24 hours on the Sunday-Monday then. Great! From now on i will have AT LEAST one strategic fast in the week. . it completely eliminates cravings and teaches you alot about how your mind works. . how some food makes you want more. . The Fast resets the craving switch and puts you in control.

To check out Brad’s Eat STOP Eat programme and see how you react to fasting Click Here



Bryan Kavanagh Bsc CSCS

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