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TRX – what is it?

Lets get one thing straight. TRX is another name for suspension training. TRX is a brand of suspension trainer and the creators cleverly marketed a ‘training system’ around the use of the TRX apparatus.

The equipment itself is simply two blast straps and two handles. The attraction of this type of training is that it can be done almost anywhere. As you can imagine this is attractive to personal trainers because they can take clients anywhere. All you need the TRX/ Suspension trainer and something to hang it off that’s it. Sounds cool right?

TRX Anywhere

Now I’m glad that we’ve sorted that out, so anytime I say TRX I mean suspension training and visa versa. Okay?

Trx training has been popularised lately but it has been around forever. Personal trainers have been using it forever in the form of Gymnastic rings, Jungle Gyms and many other smaller brands.

Until about a year ago we didnt even have a TRX or Jungle gym In the ABS Gym in Dublin we had two blast straps and two dog toys as handles that we used (and still use) as a suspension trainer and it works just fine.

Trainers, including myself, have been using gymnastic rings and different forms of ‘TRX’ for ever.

They are cool.

Here’s a list of exercise variations you can do with the TRX that are useful and probably optimal to be honest.

-Bodyweight trx exercises including:

-Push ups

-Inverted Rows

-Chin Up


Abdominal work including:

Knee Tucks

Various types of climbs and planks etc.


You cant increase the load past increasing the difficulty by starting to use a weight vest etc.

Some of them are fairly advanced and you are better off starting on the standard variations first.


The theory behind suspension training is that there is more neuromuscular activity while doing exercise because of the instability involved in trying to prevent the erratic movement of the straps.

This is entirely true and like I said before, a select few exercises are great to do using suspension training. The increased amount of muscle recruited during certain exercises coupled with the fact that you now have a new variation of the exercise makes it pretty cool indeed.

Suspension training and TRX training allows you to do a lot more ‘pulling’ and back work which may not see too exciting but in a bootcamp situation/ group training you are always limited in the amount of pulling exercises and back work we can do without dummbells.

‘I dont care about my back’

Well you do actually you care if you end up with a hunchback and tight shoulders and pecs/chest muscles. Alwyn Cosgrove said this simple line to me when I interviewed him years ago and it stuck with me.

‘Stretch the front strengthen the back…thats what the majority of people need’

If you still dont care just trust me on it 🙂

Suspension training can also add another dimension to a bootcamp and can really add to a personal trainers exercise arsenal.

So far so good. TRX and suspension training is a massive hit, right?

Not really…

Common mistakes.

Using the TRX/ Suspension trainer for EVERYTHING.

Having a new toy to play with is great and I’m all for experimenting but when I see trainers trying to do absolutely everything with one piece of equipment it makes me cringe.

Looking for something to do, or trying to invent exercises with a piece of equipment makes no sense and will usually end up with you looking like a donkey.

If you are a trainer reading this and you are guilty of it, stop now and rethink what you are doing.

Lately I’ve seen:

A Personal Trainer tying themselves up in knots with TRX’s.

Standing on Kettlebells while squatting using a TRX.

Standing on swiss balls doing squats with it too.

Doing push ups with their hands on the swiss ball and their feet in the TRX…?

Looks functional eh? All he needs is a TRX :-)

Doing stupid looking things that are ‘difficult’ does not mean that the ‘move’ is going to have any training effect whatsoever. It is just plain stupid and you should not be doing it or getting your clients to do it.

Doing this stuff on your own or copying youtube? Doing stuff like this, ‘just because you can’, is plain stupid and will not make you look good naked or perform better or improve your performance at any sport. It will just make you better at doing these stupid exercises.



Use the TRX for sensible exercises but if you find yourself feeling like a clown at any stage you are probably doing something wrong or something that will not benefit you in the slightest. Most personal trainers and bootcamp instuctors will have suspension trainers. Just make sure they dont overuse them in an effort to impress you instead of trying to get the best results for you.

Thanks for reading

Bryan Kavanagh BSC CSCS


  1. Interesting take on TRX. Was discussing it with a friend of mine who is a personal trainer in Dublin also and he isn’t a huge fan of TRX, I’ll forward this to him. So basically if used in moderation as an accessory and not the only form of training someone does, TRX has a place in personal training. Makes sense, have seen some funny videos of other personal trainers doing clown like things with TRX haha

    Comment by Dean Heaps | April 16, 2012 | Reply

  2. Couldnt agree more, When I started training I was shown several compound exercise(squat, bench, deadlift etc..) and given a fairly simple program incorporating these. In the first year of training I made massive gains on bothe my strength and physique.

    After some time off I decided to get a personal trainer who seemed to be doing loads of cool movements with his clients in the gym. We started off by doing all sorts of stability and functional training and some TRX training. While I was generally sore the next day, especiallly in my abs I made very little physique progress and my strength actually dropped.

    It was at this time that I left this personal trainer and spent time searching for a new personal trainer. After a short time I found my current personal trainer who has helped me immensely. We use a mixture of the main Barbell and dumbell exercise along with TRX training for supplemental work. Must admit I enjoy te TRX training but can’t see it working as well as it does if there is not some type of heavier exercise incorporated in the program.

    Bottom line is everyone should use a personal trainer who is open minded enough to use new types of training such as TRX but also stick to the stuff that ha worked time and time again.

    Comment by Nick | April 16, 2012 | Reply

  3. Good post about TRX and suspension training in general. TRX is a tool at the end of the day and I have to agree on this TRX Post.

    Comment by dublinpersonaltrainer | April 23, 2012 | Reply

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